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  • What comes with the Women Strong Membership?
    With this membership program you have UNLIMITED ACCESS to all NEW and PAST content plus access to the private discussion forum. Participate in all LIVE expert interviews AND gain access to all retreats! Connect with Dr. Brooke, Dr. Nicole & other members during the monthly "Coffee & Chill" get-together! If you are interested in working through the Women Strong curriculum with a mentor, check out our mentorship program!
  • What types of experts and topics are featured during the interviews?
    The experts and topics are aligned with the foundations for health modules. For example: a hormone specialist in the physical health module, a yoga instructor within the movement section, or a therapist in the mental health module. Some examples of topics include: mindfulness, biofeedback, food sensitivities, chiropractic care, lyme disease, strength training for women, yoga, body image, grief, and more!
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