Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with the Women Strong Membership?

The most ideal way to participate in Women Strong is through the membership. With this program you have UNLIMITED ACCESS to all NEW and PAST content, and access to the private discussion forum. You can participate in the weekly expert interviews. You can become a mentor/mentee and enhance your wellness skills with an accountability partner. And you have access to all future retreats!

What is the weekly Q&A?

Dr. Brooke and/or Dr. Nicole will host a live Zoom call to review goals, successes and challenges from the week. It is a great way to support each other as well as make requests for upcoming topics. This call exists so we can better help you achieve success in your wellness journey! Your success is our priority. You don't want to miss this call!

What types of experts and topics are fatured during the interviews?

The experts and topics are aligned with that week's lessons. For example: a hormone specialist during the physical health week, a yoga instructor during movement week or a therapist during mental health week. Some examples of topics include: acupuncture, mindfulness, biofeedback, trauma, meditation, cooking for your family, chiropractic care, lyme disease, strength training for women, gut-brain connection, body image, grief, addiction, stress, positive psychology, and more!


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