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Our Story

While working with lots of women at a busy integrative mental health clinic, we noticed a commonality when it came to our female patients... Most shared similar health goals and faced almost identical challenges in reaching these goals. These women often shared similar life experiences that contributed to the formation of their common constellation of symptoms. They also expressed similar feelings and emotional experiences as they navigated the mental healthcare system, seeking relief and support. Many women felt isolated, even if they were surrounded by people (which is a very confusing and conflictual emotional experience). We knew that we too had similar experiences and feelings as a result of being women. We often found ourselves saying, “wouldn’t it be awesome and really helpful if we could host a monthly brunch for our female patients so we could all connect with other women, share our experiences, and eventually become besties while lifting each other up and learning from one another?!” ...and so, “Women Strong” was born! We know through personal experience that we are stronger and happier when we regularly interact with uplifting and supportive women. We know that we feel wonderful when we have the opportunity to support other women in being their most fabulous selves. We love encouraging really great self-care and challenging women to put themselves first for a change. We are cheerleaders, rocks, and kind, nonjudgmental ears for one another and we can’t wait for you to join our community and begin building your own positive relationships!

Dr. Brooke Schneider is a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist practicing integrative psychiatry in Fort Collins, Colorado. Outside of work she enjoys snowboarding, skiing, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, relaxing and laughing with friends and family, and mothering her joyful, strong, and spunky daughter!

Dr. Nicole Lewis is a naturopathic doctor, a doula, and a prenatal and postnatal coach. She practices naturopathic medicine with an emphasis on women’s health, hormones, genetics, mental health, and pregnancy/birth. She is the creator of the Wholeness Academy and is always working on new and exciting projects! When she is not supporting you wonderful women, she is living life to the fullest as a busy mom of three!

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