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Hi Ladies! We Are Women Strong!

Introducing the most comprehensive online women's wellness program!

We help you put the POWER  back into your hands!


Results come from one thing.


We know you have tried and found it difficult to create lasting, positive lifestyle changes.

You’ve read all the blogs and sought guidance from “experts”.

You’ve struggled with figuring out the "right" diet for you.

Your self-care routine often falls to the bottom of your to-do list.

You want to be committed to improving your health.

You want to prioritize you first.

To be feeding your mind, body and spirit the right way, with encouragement, accountability and exposure to new ideas.

You recognize that it’s not just eating right and daily exercise that achieves overall health and wellness.

Women Strong was created for you

It’s our invitation to you:

To expand your support network and health toolbox.

To receive step-by-step expert guidance at a fraction

of the cost of working with the experts individually.

To pair education with action to see MASSIVE results.

To be surrounded by like-minded women.


This Program Is For You If...


You are committed to improving your health and the quality of your life.


You have tried other programs but have not been able to create lasting positive lifestyle changes. 


You have questions about nutrition and want to learn more about how food affects our bodies. 


Prioritizing self-care is a challenge for you. 


You want encouragement, accountability and exposure to new ideas when it comes to exercise and movement. 


You recognize that mental health is a cornerstone of overall health and wellness. 

What Women Strong Looks Like...

Women Strong is a membership program covering the foundations of health through a simple, yet comprehensive, step-by-step approach to improving overall wellness. Our goal is to INSPIRE, not to overwhelm!


Each module of the Women Strong curriculum contains easy-to-digest written lessons with daily challenges, videos of expert interviews on a variety of health topics, and a private forum to connect with other members. 

Pairing education with action, we can see MASSIVE results!

You can work through the curriculum on your own or with a mentor, learning and challenging yourself at your own pace.

Dr. Brooke and Dr. Nicole are the faces behind Women Strong. 

Dr. Brooke Schneider is a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist practicing integrative psychiatry in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Dr. Nicole Lewis is a naturopathic doctor, a doula, and a prenatal and postnatal coach. She practices naturopathic medicine with an emphasis on women’s health, hormones, genetics, mental health, and pregnancy/birth. 


Physical Health


Body Movement

Stress Management

Mental Health

Expert Interviews

Women Strong Experts

Women Strong Experts

This is everything you will get inside the Women Strong Membership Program...